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1 Floor
Commercial Area м²
1 110,00
2 141,35
Total 251.35

Commercial area in residential apartment of GBC, Batumi

Since 2004, the Georgian government has taken actions to strengthen the country's economy, the results of which were acknowledged by the world's leading rating agencies. Thus, in 2016 Georgia took 24th place in the ranking of the most business-friendly countries. While Russia took 51st place, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey have divided 35th, 63rd, and 55th places accordingly.

All the changes that have occurred in the country's economy in such a short period of time have positively affected the investment attractiveness of Georgia. One of the first economy fields, in which foreign investors were interested, became real estate. Batumi, the capital of the Adjara Autonomous Republic is of special interest. Batumi market is the most attractive for businessmen and people who want to make safe investments, up to this day.

While developing the project Geverse Batumi Complex, Geverse Development took into account the existing interest in Batumi, not only as a tourist region but also an area with a high level of economic activity. On the first floor of GBC will be located commercial areas of 104 m2 and 141 m2. The project of non-residential premises takes into account all business needs:

  • Location in the city center of Batumi;
  • Convenient access roads;
  • Availability of parking spaces for customers;
  • Isolated entrance to commercial real estate;
  • 24-hour outdoor video control;
  • Free layout of commercial space.

The above list gives to GBC’s commercial areas undoubted advantage in the real estate market of Batumi. According to the high demand for this type of property and a quick payback period, it is clear that the owner of the commercial area in GBC will not face any difficulties if he decides to rent it, and will gain significant revenue.